Middle School Debate Meet at JKHA

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May 5, 2010

I was privileged today to be a judge at a middle school debating team competition. To view the photos, click here.

The event was at Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy in Livingston, NJ. The school is absolutely beautiful but the middos (character traits) of the students there were even more beautiful than the building. Each student I encountered spoke politely and articulately, held doors for others, offered to lead you to a room you were looking for, etc. Several students approached me, introduced themselves and asked if they could be of assistance. Incredible! Many adults could learn a lot from these students!

The Resolution being debated was: “The federal government should impose an additional tax on food items that lack nutritional value and/or exceed the suggested daily calorie intake.”

There were something like 28 pairs of students from seven different schools. A pair of students represented the affirmative or negative side of the resolution. Personally I am glad I don’t have to debate these middle schoolers — they were sharp.

They get nice trophies for their hard work, too.

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