May 9, 2010

Plainview B scored a baseball victory today, beating Jamaica Estates in a hard fought game #5.

My original idea for the title of this entry was going to be, “Brrrrrrrrr”, since the temperature was about 52 degrees out there. The only thing I really like at 52 degrees is a pint of Boddingtons Pale Ale. Baseball is much better in the 70’s or 80’s.

The game was lots of fun despite the cold and the photos look good and captured a bunch of the action of the game. You can see all the photos by clicking here.

If you look through the photos, you’ll see that the first pitcher for Jamaica Estates: Ben, I think is his name, has a pitching motion worth watching.  Other pitchers out there or those who want to throw the ball harder on the field: notice the shifting of body weight and the twisting motion that helps move the ball quickly from the mound to the plate.

You might also notice Plainview’s Ely in his run from second to third — he’s moving fast and running like a train.

This entry would not be complete unless I mentioned Benji’s triple – AWESOME! and also mentioned our most valuable hittee (one who was hit the most by pitches), Eran. In all seriousness on this one, Eran got hit by pitches to the head and the foot, but was unstoppable and played a great game. Notice to batters: Eran did NOT jump out of the batter’s box each time the pitch was thrown. He stayed in there like you are supposed to do.

Most of you know that my comments don’t usually have much to do with coaching (I am not a coach), but we are past game 5 of the season now, and one of our goals is to see all the boys improve the quality of their baseball before the season is over. Let the boys spend some time looking through the photos (no selfish motive here!) and get some ideas of what they should practice!

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