Sunday Wedding

August 12, 2010
The Bride

We (my family, my camera, and I) were at a wedding on Sunday evening. Here is the bride just before the ceremony, greeting her guests and receiving their blessings.

While I knew a good number of the people who were in attendance, there was also a great crowd — lots of fun, everybody very nice — and I made some new friends. One in particular is also like me (a photographer by choice rather than profession) and we had lots to talk about.

Just to demonstrate what a good time we had, despite the fact that I shoot with a Nikon and he uses a Canon, we still enjoyed each other’s company!   🙂

I also discovered a cousin I never knew I had, sitting one table away.

I have around 100 really nice photos that need editing. If I have a chance I will post a few other photos.

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