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October 7, 2010

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People Pan for Their Own Rocks
We stopped at Howe Caverns and purchased admission tickets and then only had to wait for 90 minutes for our turn to go underground. While we were waiting, some other people who were waiting decided to pass the time by purchasing s ...
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New Look
I am tinkering with a new look for this blog. While I liked the original one, it didn't lend itself to photography. It had a very narrow, fixed-width layout and could not accomodate larger size photos. For example, the fireworks p ...
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The HANC State Fair
Two nights ago we were able to attend the 5th Grade's State Fair -- always a fun learning experience. You can find the photos here. Things I learned: 1. The Aleutian Islands are NOT a State. 2. Pennsylvania did NOT get its name ...
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